Wedding in Philippines

The Philippines is ideal for organization of wedding ceremony and honeymoon. Here uniquely intertwined historical value, bright trails through the jungle, one of the most wealthy on the planet, underwater worlds and white deserted beaches. A completely new unexplored direction that will appeal to everyone, and those who are accustomed to relaxational rest and those who want a lot to experience and see during your honeymoon. Philippines is a white wedding tale with the most vivid impressions and emotions, welcome to tropical Paradise for two travelers.

Civil marriage in the Philippines

Now and Philippines! Philippines is another beach where it is possible to make a formal marriage valid in all over the world, and in the passport the happy couple will show off a stamp that certifies that the marriage took place on the territory of the Philippines. Our company is the first and only currently, which can offer an official ceremony in the Philippines
Sun conducts Tours Wedding and organize the wedding ceremony in the Philippines.
We provide a complete service from the choice of the region and the hotel to the issuance of wedding photos and videomaterial.

4 reasons why to choose us?
We work directly with you. We are the people you will see at your wedding in the Philippines. This leads to the correct pricing on wedding packages at no additional payments to agents and intermediaries in consistently high quality. Direct communication with the organizers, will eliminate the misunderstanding, will give you quick and quality answers.
The image of the bride in this important day in the Philippines must be flawless. Makeup, hair, mood, everything has to be on top. That is why we work with professional stylists who worked on the creation of images in wedding salons of Europe and studied with renowned wedding stylists. Important the material you are working with a stylist, because only professional cosmetics will give a good result in the conditions of bright sun and tropical climate.
Only European wedding professional photographers in the Philippines. It is very important the understanding of the photographer ideographer and the couple, when they speak the same language easier and faster understood the task, the mood and the idea of each frame, every performance. Our photographers and videographers use professional equipment of last years releases.
Our team is mobile, it means that our customer is available different Islands and beaches.
In the Philippines in our transport accessibility of the island and the regions of Boracay, Panglao, Bohol, Malapascua island, Banten, Cebu, Palawan and Elnido. Possible transfers and over longer distances, depending on the placement and the wishes of the client.

Wedding Photoshoot in the Philippines

The whole day the photographer in the Philippines - a good solution if you already found a wedding planner or the wedding ceremony itself is not required. Morning light, a direct contrast of day and sunset light. Will cover all the lighting options of the day. Setting, walking and Jogging along the beach, portrait plans and of course in the ocean. The maximum scenario the wedding photo shoot.

European wedding ceremony on the beach. Lite

Pay attention to the requests of our customers, wedding packages economy format. For those not planning to invest a lot of time and effort to the ceremony, not identican to melocam appreciate the most important thing in relationship is love. Modest and symbolic.

European ceremony on the beach. Classic

Feel like a Hollywood couple. White wedding dress combined with the blue ocean, soft sand and a cool glass of expensive champagne. These photos will be the envy and lament a lot. This wedding you are demonstrating the seriousness of your relationship.

European wedding ceremony on the beach. VIP

And nothing to take care of, considered every detail, your wedding day will be filled with vividly dreamlike and romantic. Wedding in the Philippines this event of your life. You deserve it, you deserve the best, your choice in favor of the Philippines was faithful and another day will not. And we did everything to prove it to you. Enjoy everything this beautiful country.

Photographer in the Philippines

The photo shoot takes place in light throughout the day + sunset
Got time for a lunch break and change
  • 1000 raw material RAW
  • 300-400 photos in light/color correction
  • 20 in portrait retouching at the client's choice
The photos are transferred by means of the Internet during the 1st month
Additional services
  • transfer to the venue of the shooting for either photographer or models
  • video
  • Makeup and hairstyle

European ceremony on the beach. Light

  • Stylist. Makeup+hair
  • Decoration on the beach (artificial flowers)
  • Champagne
  • Fruit platter for 2 persons
  • Individual accessories
  • Bouquet
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Photographer for 2 hours
Additional services
  • Video 400$ (MTV movie 4-5 min)
  • Aerial photography 150$
  • The service 20$/person
  • Romantic dinner on the beach - 150$*
*Based on two persons

European ceremony on the beach. Classic

  • Stylist. Makeup+hair
  • The design on the hotel beach
  • Designer cake
  • Champagne
  • Fruit platter for 2 persons
  • Individual accessories
  • Bouquet
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Photographer for the whole day
Additional Services
Aerial photography 150$
Video 400$ (4-5 min MTV clip)
Musicians 100$
Additional guests 20$/person
Dinner on the hotel beach 150$*
* cost per 2 persons

European ceremony VIP. All inclusive


  • Stylist. Makeup+hair
  • Making on a deserted beach
  • Designer cake
  • Champagne
  • Fruit platter for 2 persons
  • Individual accessories
  • Bouquet and Boutonniere
  • Master of ceremonies
  • Photographer for the whole day
  • For more creative photography in a single day
  • Video (4-5 min clip MTV + clip 10 min with audio)
  • Musicians during the ceremony
  • Romantic dinner
  • Aerial photo
Additional service
  • Additional guests 20$ / person
  • The fireworks from 500$
Presents wedding packages in the Philippines are approximate follows the wedding ceremony. We understand that every wedding is unique, and always an individual approach to each wedding project.
Острова и Пляжи для Вашей свадьбы. Выбор локаций
From a huge variety of Islands we have selected the most convenient locations, Islands and beaches where your wedding will be beautiful and romantic. It is so important not just the presence of beautiful secluded beach with white sand, but the wedding opportunities offered by one or the other island.
It is very important to a good hotel nearby and it is desirable that this hotel had its own beach.
It is important to close though but not a big city, where you can order flowers, cake and everything that you need for a good wedding
Bringing together all the factors we get an almost perfect beaches for weddings in the Philippines

Bohol Island. Anda

Bohol wedding

Заголовок подпункта

Bohol island is the second popular island in the Philippines the reason for this - its attractions and convenient transport accessibility.
One of the most popular attractions include Chocolate hills kennel Treerow (tarsius), flying on zipline, swimming with Sharks in Olabe, small Islands such as Tioman and Batangas.
The beach of Panglao island and the beaches near the town of Anda

Boracay Island

Boracay wedding

Заголовок подпункта

Boracay island is completely deserved the most popular island in the Philippines.
Huge stunning 4 km beach of white sand is included in top 10 the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Endless number of clubs and restaurants, Fun atmosphere of the island and the constant experience will give your wedding on Boracay active positive background.
Get ready not to sleep if you fly to Boracay.

Palawan island. El Nido

Palawan Wedding

Palawan you can safely say that this is the most beautiful region of the Philippines.
Amazing underground river. Wide beaches of El Nido
Rocks rising from the azure sea, closed lagoons and hidden beaches.
A wedding here will be infinitely beautiful and photos may not be enough.

Cebu. Moalboal

Cebu Wedding

The beaches in Moalboal is the best in the region of Cebu it is spacious, wide and beautiful, besides the main beach, White Beach among the best beaches in the Philippines, given the proximity to a major city this makes it a boon for quality wedding ceremony.
Region Cebu will appeal to active travelers right here and Kawasan falls and swimming with whale sharks and the proximity to Dumaguete, Siquijor, Apo.

Provided contact information you contact directly with our representatives located in the Philippines that will provide you with full and correct information about the country, routes, hotels and the ceremony in General.
Thanks for showing our work of interest. We will be happy to be a part of your wedding tales. For more information You can contact us in any convenient of the following methods, or leave your question in the contact form.

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